His moves are so explosive

I started taking Pierre’s kickboxing class about five years ago. I was drawn in by the loud up-tempo music and the fast moves. Initially, I lingered in the back of the class because I wasn’t sure if I could keep up or if I was doing the moves correctly. I thought I could “hide” back there. Boy, was I wrong! Pierre keeps an eye on all of his students at all times. He always asks who is new and makes sure they are doing the moves correctly to avoid injury. One week I arrived late, and the class was packed. He waved me in to the front, and that’s been my spot ever since.

I have never been more motivated to attend a class as I am with Pierre. His moves are so explosive I feel like I’m burning 100 calories a minute! Just when I think I can’t go on anymore, the music changes and it seems to energize me and keep me going. Somehow, I make it through class and I feel great. I always end the class feeling like it was the best workout I could have possibly done in that hour.

Soon after, I began personal-training sessions with Pierre and have never been more fit in my life. I have attended his boot camps, circuit-training, body-sculpting and kickboxing classes. I love his teaching style, routines, music and—most of all—his humor. Pierre knows how to push me to my limit and help me get the most out of my workout. He inspires me to stay fit and take care of my body, beginning with what I eat: calories in = calories out.

What makes Pierre so special is that he has a sincere passion for fitness. He cares about his clients. When I was preparing for my sister’s wedding he followed up with me up until the day of the wedding to make sure I was eating right (staying away from gassy foods!). I love when Pierre goes to seminars because he comes to class excited to test out his new moves. He always keeps the sessions interesting and fun. I truly feel blessed to have Pierre in my life—not only as a trainer but as a friend.