There hasn’t been a class when I haven’t smiled!

My first class with Pierre was in 2006. I weighed 175 pounds, had no confidence and was heartbroken because of my breakup with my boyfriend. I would stand in the back of the class and think, please don’t see me. I wore basketball shorts and boys’ shirts.

Now I am 29 pounds lighter, I have a lot of confidence and I am always smiling! There hasn’t been a class when I haven’t smiled! I stand in the front of the class or near the front, right by the window where everyone can see me. I no longer wear basketball shorts or boys’ shirts. I am proud to show off my body!

Why the change? It’s all due to Pierre. When he says, “Good job, Diane!” or at the end of class genuinely thanks me for coming, it makes me feel needed and wanted – so much so that I cannot wait till the next class! I have been invited to the wellness festival numerous times to show off my skills, and he takes pictures of us at his charity boot camps.

Pierre’s fun, playful personality is so addicting. I am breaking out of my shell in his Cardio Dance Party class and not so afraid to dance. Sometimes my cheeks hurt when I leave Pierre’s class because I have been smiling so much!

These are just a few of the reasons why Pierre is the best instructor ever! Once you try his class you are hooked!!