There hasn’t been a class when I haven’t smiled!

My first class with Pierre was in 2006. I weighed 175 pounds, had no confidence and was heartbroken because of my breakup with my boyfriend. I would stand in the back of the class and think, please don’t see me. I wore basketball shorts and boys’ shirts.

Now I am 29 pounds lighter, I have a lot of confidence and I am always smiling! There hasn’t been a class when I haven’t smiled! I stand in the front of the class or near the front, right by the window where everyone can see me. I no longer wear basketball shorts or boys’ shirts. I am proud to show off my body!

Why the change? It’s all due to Pierre. When he says, “Good job, Diane!” or at the end of class genuinely thanks me for coming, it makes me feel needed and wanted – so much so that I cannot wait till the next class! I have been invited to the wellness festival numerous times to show off my skills, and he takes pictures of us at his charity boot camps.

Pierre’s fun, playful personality is so addicting. I am breaking out of my shell in his Cardio Dance Party class and not so afraid to dance. Sometimes my cheeks hurt when I leave Pierre’s class because I have been smiling so much!

These are just a few of the reasons why Pierre is the best instructor ever! Once you try his class you are hooked!!

Diana Nicole

I was unfit, unhealthy and overweight.

When I started Pierre’s turbo boxing class in April of 2011, I was unfit, unhealthy and overweight. I had tried various gyms, personal trainers and weight-loss programs. Nothing I did could keep my attention long enough to motivate me.

By the end of his first class, I was hooked. Boxing combined with Pierre’s amazing personality, motivation for his students to succeed and ability to bring something new to each class has allowed me to lose 21 pounds to date. I still have a way to go, but I wouldn’t be able to reach my goal without Pierre there by my side.

Nicole Pulsifer

Pierre makes the class fun

After having spent most of my adult life being seriously overweight, diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes and flirting with other health conditions, I decided two years ago that it was time to take control of my health and my weight. I joined LA Fitness and began a routine of working out on the machines.

One day, my friends and I saw Pierre’s Cardio Kickboxing class and thought we’d try it, even though we weren’t in shape and thought it could possibly kill us! The class was fun and a very tough workout. We attended weekly and before long realized we were keeping up! Pierre makes the class fun with his always-different routines and humor. He genuinely cares about his students and clearly loves what he does. He always keeps an eye on us to make sure we are doing the moves correctly and safely. I let Pierre know of a recent knee injury I suffered, and he has gone out of his way to make sure I don’t do certain moves that would aggravate it and that I’m feeling ok.

I now take Pierre’s class twice a week and follow him around to boot camps and workshops he teaches at other locations. His methods and style work very well for me – so well that in the two years I’ve been taking his classes I have lost all of my excess weight and gotten into pretty good shape. I’m fairly certain that wouldn’t have happened without Pierre’s support. He is the best trainer around!

Lori Hayter McNair

He IS the best!

I would like to take this opportunity to highly recommend Pierre Pasa, who is a professional fitness and kickboxing instructor, and much more!

Pierre’s incredible kickboxing workouts are matched by his wonderful sense of humor. I started attending his classes more than five years ago at LA Fitness. His workouts are intense, to say the least, but Pierre also pays close attention to his students’ technique.

Pierre’s classes are the most popular, most crowded. All of his clients know they must get to his classes early to get a space. And this also goes for classes that he subs for.

I have taken classes around the world, and I have to say Pierre’s classes are hard to beat. He IS the best!

Susan West

Hands down, the best!

You want proof that Pierre is awesome? I challenged myself to take kickboxing with Pierre four days this week, and you know what happened? I got my butt kicked, and I lost nine pounds! If it wasn’t for Pierre and his unwavering support, I wouldn’t have been taking his classes until I was 38-1/2 weeks pregnant last year. I am thankful to Pierre because he pushes me in every class to find that last drop of energy. I also thank him because the clothes in my closet are starting to fit again. Hands down, the best!

Amber Gillis Singam

His moves are so explosive

I started taking Pierre’s kickboxing class about five years ago. I was drawn in by the loud up-tempo music and the fast moves. Initially, I lingered in the back of the class because I wasn’t sure if I could keep up or if I was doing the moves correctly. I thought I could “hide” back there. Boy, was I wrong! Pierre keeps an eye on all of his students at all times. He always asks who is new and makes sure they are doing the moves correctly to avoid injury. One week I arrived late, and the class was packed. He waved me in to the front, and that’s been my spot ever since.

I have never been more motivated to attend a class as I am with Pierre. His moves are so explosive I feel like I’m burning 100 calories a minute! Just when I think I can’t go on anymore, the music changes and it seems to energize me and keep me going. Somehow, I make it through class and I feel great. I always end the class feeling like it was the best workout I could have possibly done in that hour.

Soon after, I began personal-training sessions with Pierre and have never been more fit in my life. I have attended his boot camps, circuit-training, body-sculpting and kickboxing classes. I love his teaching style, routines, music and—most of all—his humor. Pierre knows how to push me to my limit and help me get the most out of my workout. He inspires me to stay fit and take care of my body, beginning with what I eat: calories in = calories out.

What makes Pierre so special is that he has a sincere passion for fitness. He cares about his clients. When I was preparing for my sister’s wedding he followed up with me up until the day of the wedding to make sure I was eating right (staying away from gassy foods!). I love when Pierre goes to seminars because he comes to class excited to test out his new moves. He always keeps the sessions interesting and fun. I truly feel blessed to have Pierre in my life—not only as a trainer but as a friend.