“Have a fitness day!”

“Keep eating…it’s job security for me.”

“Calories in, calories out.”

“You got your butt kicked!”

“Close the doors. Nobody’s leaving.”

“EXCUSE ME! Attention back to me, please!”

“Kick higher, please. It’s called kickboxing, not liftboxing!”

“I don’t stuff presents with paper in a bag … that’s for groceries!”

“You eat, you pay!”

“Can you imagine me teaching yoga?”

“Oh, for crying out loud!”

“If you already have a six pack, you don’t have to do this.”

“People in the back, what are you doing? Do you think I can’t see you? I use the mirrors – I can see everything. I may be short, but I’m not blind!”

“How do you lose weight? Stop eating!”

“OK, this is too easy. Let’s go on to something else.”

“If you’re being mugged, you’re not gonna dance!”

“Really? Really??”

“Oh, come on! This is not for me – I already have a nice body!!”

(Trying to turn on the music): “You’ve got the only Asian who doesn’t know technology.”

“Okay… never mind.”

“Are you breathing? OK, just checking.”

“Was that move too sexy?”

“Where are you going? The bus isn’t here yet.”

“You can’t wear Spandex on your arms!”

“I notice a lot of you are wearing black to look skinny. Well, you can’t wear black every day!”

(When the class isn’t using proper form) “OK, don’t bother with this.”

“Release all the negativity & give it to 24-Hour Fitness.”

“One of my students asked me if we are wearing all black to perform in our demo. She said that white makes her look fat. So I said to her, ‘White doesn’t make you look fat — Fat makes you look fat!’ “

“Are you breathing? Why aren’t you breathing?? OK, you know what – don’t breathe. Hold it in and turn red.”